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     Veteran radial racer & tuner John Kolivas and legendary engine builder & Ford racer Jon Bennett are excited to announce the formation of KBX Xtreme Performance LLC. Jon Bennett started at the age of 16 racing when heads up small tire racing was at it beginnings. Jon was very successful and raced the early Fun Ford Weekend’s Pro 5.0 class as well as many other heads up classes, including the early stages of 10.5” tire racing. Having won almost every race entered Jon became known for the power his company’s (Bennett Racing, Inc.) and decided to leave racing and supply engines. Bennett Racing recently celebrated their 20th year (1993-2013).

   Anyone who has been around the radial racing world in the past 10 years knows John Kolivas has dominated every class he chose to race by winning events, points championships, and setting many records. John started in his early days dominating NMRA Drag Radial, to his success in many other radial events.

     KBX specializes in providing parts & tuning services to racers. Providing parts such as, but not limited to, turbochargers, superchargers, boost controllers, engine management systems, data systems, fuel delivery systems & parts, intercoolers, transmissions, suspension, KBX specific engine parts, and torque converters.