PT85 for NMRA Xtreme Drag Radial

$ 4,195.00

Horsepower Rating: 1400

This Class Legal turbocharger features the following:
• Exclusive CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging
• Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance
• 85mm inducer compressor wheel
• Large frame compressor cover with ported shroud inlet
• F or G trim turbine wheel
• Turbine housing options:
  - F trim available with 1.0 A/R
  - G trim available with 1.0, 1.32, or 1.50 A/R
   (All housings feature a 5" V-band discharge)
• Hydrodynamic 360° thrust bearing system

Approved for use in NMRA Xtreme Drag Radial and NMCA 275 Drag Radial. Please verify rules to check legality of the turbocharger prior to purchasing.